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Today already refined?

Dispersion varnish offers a high scratch- and abrasion resistance and therefore leads to an even better protection than normal print varnishes.
Scented varnish consists of microencapsulated scents which are being added to the dispersion coating.  The variety of scents is almost unlimited and ranges from eucalyptus to honey right up to fruity kiwi- or mango- scents.
Hot foil stamping is a special refining process whereby thin metallic foils are being transmitted onto the product under the influence of heat.
Hybrid effect varnish is a reasonable way of print refinement for the implementation of impressive matt-gloss-effects.
Luminous paint or neon colours have an especially intense announcement effect and attract utmost attention.
Metallic colours are available, next to the classy gold- and silver tones, in a variety of colour shades.
Security colours and –grids can be handled like usual off-set colours, but they only react to UV-light.  Therefore they are invisible in normal daylight and cannot be copied. Security grids consist of micro text, line- or logo grid, in which screen dots are being replaced by a logo or tiny texts.
Other refinements: Iriodin-pigments, Rub varnish, Soft-touch, UV-varnish, ...