Beat it, but gentle!

Cause who knows what’s in it. UEBERREUTER PACKAGING wrapped in solid board. A material which is both strong and sturdy.Since it consists out of three to six paper layers. During the right processing, the solid paper can be made even stronger and more resistant, for example against moisture and fat. This is the reason why this material is also being used for highly sensitive goods such as fresh food and beverage and also within the pharmaceutical sector. And the best thing is: The surface is suitable for high-quality prints and refinements. Whether lottery, scratch fields or spot coating.

Our credo: To combine functionality and emotion for an attractive product experience.

Sustainability is a firm component of our corporate philosophy. Therefore we mainly process renewable raw materials and invest in active climate protection and independent evaluation since years.

Our production is certified in accordance with:

  • Print CO2 tested
    Energy efficiency is being examined continually and being confirmed by an independent instance through a yearly audit by the association.
  • ISO 14001 certification
    This certification consists of environmental management and its related continuous optimization process of a company, complying with all enforced legal obligations.
  • Austrian eco-label
    This label is a guarantee for environmentally friendly products. The procurement directives of the ministry combine high environmental standards with quality and product safety.
  • PEFC certification
    PEFC aims at maintaining forests. The certification proves that products descend from sustainably managed forests.
  • Quality management system ISO 9001:2001
  • Process Standard Offsetprint ISO 12647-2
  • FSC-certification 
  • Declaration of conformity