They want to eat our wrapper!

Perfect! When the packaging shows our clients how promising its content is, we have solved our assignment successfully. UEBERREUTER PACKAGING develops designs which really work. Our aim: To generate the best packaging design*) for you. That includes your individual requests as well as the functionality of the packaging. The way you are filling your packaging also determines the production technique used to create the most ideal packaging for you. Last but not least, considering the packaging design, special attention is being paid to the perfect interaction with the primer packaging identity of your brand. This assures a unified brand development.

Our credo: The impeccable performance of your packaging solution.

Apropos best packaging design*)
Deep inside the cerebrum lies the nucleus accumbens, which is responsible for our desires. This area of the brain is especially active when we like a product. And this is where the packaging starts to become interesting: It belongs to the most important buying criteria upon spontaneous purchase decisions at the Point of Sale, where more than 70% of all purchase decisions are taking place.